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As social researchers we are able to generate added value to data and information, specifying to our clients that we are in a world full of data and therefore it is necessary to distinguish “the signals from the noise”.

Our ability to collect data and analyze information from different perspectives, starting from the descriptive, through inferential analysis, modeling, construction of indicators and indexes, business intelligence, to the design of sectoral information observatory, are the hallmark of the organization.





Products and services


Periodic report with analysis of the situation and trend of the institutions.

Opinion Panel:

Study that collects the perception of opinion leaders in the country.


Our data analytic product.

Electoral Microtargeting:

Planning your electoral strategy correctly.

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El gran @RSantamariaSa me invitó a conversar sobre nuestra última #Polimétrica. Les invitó a verla.

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Hoy a las 5pm, en Hablemos Claro de Salud, César Caballero, de Cifras y Conceptos, interpreta lo que dicen los colombianos de una eventual reforma a la salud. No se lo pierda! Veálo aquí: https://youtu.be/5KlZ85Ukq2k
#salud #estudios #conversatorio #cifras #reforma #reformaalasalud

"La gente quiere una reforma, pero no la que están diciendo", @C_CaballeroR, gerente de @cifrasyconcepto.
No se pierda la 4ta emisión de #HablemosClarodeSalud mañana 7 de septiembre a las 5 p.m. 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KlZ85Ukq2k

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