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Our company

We are an organization with 15 years of experience, recognition and prestige.


We are a company that produces reliable and independent analysis based on data and information. We have a flexible multidisciplinary team and a strong regional presence.

We strongly believe in inclusion and the promotion of democratic values.


By the year 2024 we want to be recognized as one of the five main references of quality information in the Colombian market. As social researchers we must generate added value, remembering that our clients are in a world full of data and therefore need to distinguish “the signals from the noise”. Our ability to analyze information from different perspectives and multiple technical tools, generates the hallmark of the organization.

What we do it?

We help our clients to identify the information needed to help them solve problems.

We analyze the context to make strategic decisions.

We produce, integrate and interpret data and information.

We measure and evaluate satisfaction and organizational reputation.

We are specialists in characterizing the quality of life of citizens in the territory.

How we do it?

We want to be the most prestigious and recognized firm in the production of information with an impact on the Colombian public agenda. We believe that the combination of qualitative and quantitative information, plus the internal analysis that we can do with people from multiple professions, contributes in a clear and definitive way so that Colombian public policy makers can make better quality decisions. We believe that this country can be more prosperous, more specific and fairer, and that the information we produce and analyze to deliver to our clients contributes to the achievement of that society.

How do we do it?

We offer solutions focused on the use of data and information, we interpret and analyze it, we believe in indexes and indicators as a priority tool, we combine quantitative results with qualitative instruments, we have created panels to track trends, we innovate in methodologies and products, we adapt to new technologies. We are fast, flexible and have formed a multidisciplinary team. We have a regional operation capacity throughout the country.